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The i.Supershape Magnum is HEAD's most versatile Supershape and boasts easy handling and outstanding piste performance for excellent leisurely carving all day long. The centred, lightweight graphene has allowed HEAD to redesign the construction of the Supershapes. The result? Not only improved balance and control but also more power. Add to that agility delivered by the hand-made Worldcup Sandwich Cap construction and better power transfer thanks to KERS, as well as the powerful steering and great turn initiation enabled by the Speed Rocker. In a nutshell, with this Supershape you'll be the master of every piste. The versatile PRD 12 binding comes with all kinds of safety features and is the perfect piece of kit for a precise performance on all terrains.

New HEAD KERS technology originates from the Formula 1 world and puts HEAD skiers exactly where they belong: in pole position.

ERA 3.0 S
The new Supershape with ERA 3.0 is the quintessence of good carving and race technology, and it will impress skiers with its great versatility during the ride.

Graphene is the thinnest and lightest element ever discovered. It also happens to be the strongest material on the planet - tougher than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel.


  • Speed Rocker
  • Graphene technology
  • Race-structured UHM C Base
  • KERS technology
  • Worldcup Sandwich Cap construction


    • Length: 149 cm
    • Tail: 108 mm
    • Tip: 128 mm
    • Radius: 10.3 m
    • Waist: 71 mm
    • Weight: k.A.
    • Length: 156 cm
    • Tail: 109 mm
    • Tip: 129 mm
    • Radius: 11.2 m
    • Waist: 71 mm
    • Weight: k.A.
    • Length: 163 cm
    • Tail: 110 mm
    • Tip: 130 mm
    • Radius: 12.2 m
    • Waist: 72 mm
    • Weight: k.A.
    • Length: 170 cm
    • Tail: 110 mm
    • Tip: 131 mm
    • Radius: 13.1 m
    • Waist: 72 mm
    • Weight: k.A.
    • Length: 177 cm
    • Tail: 111 mm
    • Tip: 132 mm
    • Radius: 14.2 m
    • Waist: 73 mm
    • Weight: k.A.


    • Art.Nr.: WSKHE031000
    • Varenummer fra producent 31030701
    • Handling characteristics All Mountain